Some flowers and glitter for my favorite upcoming holiday! Side note, I hate it when I smear my design with topcoat…it makes me so sad. Anyways….HAPPY EARLY VALENTINE’S DAY! 💋💌❤️

Merry Christmas everyone! #nailyoudown #xmas2013

This reminds me of sorbet. Didn’t have any direction for this one. Just sponged on a few different @illamasqua polishes and added @essiepolish set in stones for fun!

First time doing galaxy nails. Made a mess trying to figure out which polishes to use. Knew I had to add @essiepolish Shine of the Times for that extra shimmer! This one’s for you @superbooeli. ✨⭐️✨

Had to do something pink before the month ended! I sponged on a bunch of different shades for this textured effect. 💗 #bca #breastcancerawareness #pink #pinkribbon #pinkforoctober #nailyoudown #nailart #notd #nailpromote #nailstagram #nails2inspire #nailartoohlala #nailpolishaddict #instanails #opi #craftyfingers #queennails

All @essiepolish - my favorite brand! Playa del platinum, mint candy apple, tart deco. #nailyoudown #notd #nailart #nailpromote #nailstagram #nails2inspire #nailartoohlala #nailpolishaddict #essie #polish #craftyfingers #queennails #barbiefingers #tartdeco #mintcandyapple #playadelplatinum

I’m back! My first tribal - needs a little work but I think it turned out ok. Love this gradient of @illamasqua and @essiepolish!

Had to practice self restraint and only got one @butterlondon today at @ultabeauty. Sad that they decided to raise the price to $10 instead of the normal sale at $7. That’s probably why there were so many left at the store! This is also my first Essence polish. For $2, I’m not expecting much, but hopefully I’ll be surprised. Did any of you guys buy @butterlondon today?

•Sally Hansen | All Fired Up•
Had to go short, so I opted for a plain red. Love the @sally_hansen CSM polishes since you only need 1-2 coats. Also, celebrating fall in this 90 degree weather with my first @starbucks pumpkin spice latte of the year! 🎃

Sorry for the ugly picture but this unfortunate incident happened to me last week and I’m still recovering! Sorry for the lack of nail posts! I also just started grad school so I definitely won’t be as active. :( But I brought my helmer with my 200+ nail polishes so I will definitely make use of them. Miss you guys!

•Orly | Beach Cruiser•
My FAVORITE polish right now! It’s a bright neon hot pink and its gorgeous! It dries matte but I love it glossy with a too coat. Thanks @superbooeli for the recommendation! 💗

Loved this blue so I had to get it. Also felt like doing something summery. :)

•Sally Hansen | Tight Knit•
I wanted to try one of these fuzzy/feather polishes so I picked this one up at CVS the other day. I think it definitely needs an undie since this is like 4 coats and there are still spots. I also don’t know if I like the texture but all in all I find it interesting. I would say this is similar to the sugar coat polishes - they’re fun but you only really need one just to try it out. :)

I’m in the process of moving and I decided it was time to finally invest in a helmer! Not as big as I thought so I’m hoping all my polishes fit! #helmer #ikea

Did my bestie’s nails the other day. She chose the colors and we just did a little mix and match. :)